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Weariness of mind, emotions, body and even, soul has become commonplace in this oh-so-fast world we live in. Ever present fatigue has crept into many lives and sleep nor vitamins nor exercise nor fasting will drive it out. Motivation, inspiration, purpose have to overcome lurking fatigue which threatens to divert the enthused.
“For heaven’s sake, I am just trying to have a good life,” you bemoan. Scripture gives us a complete outline of how to have a great and fulfilled life in Proverbs 3; the entire chapter. What a list! Everyone and I mean everyone, is knocked out of the running at the first verse. “Child forget not the law and keep the commandments in your heart.” This advice is beneficial only if the reader is superhuman, an immortal. Expounding on these two parental suggestions, the next 34 verses are filled with do’s and don’ts so that the “child” may live a well rounded, successful life. There is no backdrop description mentioning the condition of the economy, politics, public health alerts, terrorism, crime statistics or weather patterns. In fact, the undisclosed environment surrounding the reader is the very medium in which the success of this advice is measured. If the world were paradise, this godly counsel is moot. But are there immortals living among us? Those who have endeavored to take this sort of advice and succeeded? Weary and frustrated souls is the typical outcome as history reveals and our own experience proves. Who hasn’t meant an overwhelmed person that spews bitterly, “I’ve tried all that and look where it’s got me?”

The nature of the human beast is to default to all the don’ts in this list and also, to commit most of the do’s to our emotions; we do right when we feel like it or it is not an inconvenience. “Don’t envy”, “do trust in the Lord”, in verses 5 and 31 for example. But are there immortals among us? Those who have worked this list and succeeded?

The answer to this question and to the human dilemma is found in scripture. Flip forward from the Jewish proverbs to the Jewish New Testament.

We read of those who have been born spiritually into the great God’s family. This extra layer of life added to the reborn allows freedom to move beyond the constraints of physical defaults like envy, greed or malice. The propensity toward these unhealthy desires are often still present although no longer controlling. The letter to the Romans in chapters 7 & 8 gives the reborn direction about allowing the spirit to lead rather than defaulting to selfishness. 

Driving an automobile gets one to any place much faster than if one was walking or even riding a bike. Not everyone has access to a motorized vehicle. Especially in third world countries, a disparity of wealth or family connection makes this obvious. Conceding to the spirit to live a successful life is not possible for those who are not a part of God’s family. Certainly, there are areas of individuals’ lives that are morally successful but without the rebirth, one cannot fulfill the commandments or the law… Impossible to do so and therefore, one’s endeavoring is a labor without true success. Jesus said that he will take that burden when you concede it and also, take on His own burden. Body, soul and spirit makes up the complete person. Without the spiritual rebirth, the body and soul are frustrated. Fatigue sets in.

What is Jesus’ burden that one must take on? Faith. The people asked Jesus, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” and Jesus replies, “The work of God is this: Believe in the one he has sent.” That discourse is record in chapter 6 of John and later, John 14:1 records Jesus stating, “Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me.” How refreshing!

Is fatigue vanquished entirely? No. If we walk in the spirit we must feed the spirit. The physical aspect must be cleansed and refreshed to proceed. Even immortals but be reenergized!

Faith is the catalyst for rebirth. Rebirth is the conduit for engaging both soul and flesh to success. Rebirth allows the child of the great God to walk by faith conceding to the spirit at will. Yes, immortals walk among us!
Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. 1 Thes 5:23

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Key to Happiness

The short answer:
Joy rather than mere happiness is the goal. Joy abides while happiness is mercurial allowing pleasure only at the mountain tops… Valleys, and the hike up and down should be enjoyed too.

Joy can be spiked with happy events and horrid encounters but the nature of joy moves one above the affairs of life. The atmosphere of joy is a rarefied air. Even happy moments are seen from above when joy rules. And moreso the challenges, set backs, failures, regrets, mistakes and even, sin are all quashed under the strength and abiding power of joy. Not the naive, impractical, unrealistic feeling that is similar to fool’s gold but I write of another emotion that one must cultivate.
Joy is birthed from love. Yep. Brotherly love generates joy. The reason being is that when we push to love others, even the unlovable, the portal opened by toxic emotions like hate, envy, bitterness begins to close. God’s eye turns towards love. All our previous and present screw-ups fade until the love that we are endeavoring to give, covers all.
God, Himself opens and shuts the valves that release the purified air we need to be happy or full of joy. Revelations 3:7 alludes to a prophesy given to a Jewish steward named Eliakim. The link between the two scriptures is the Key of David which shuts and opens and the clue to how God uses this key is found in the name of the congregation in Revelations 3; Philadelphia or literally, Brotherly love. In Isaiah 22, Eliakim is contrasted with his selfish, mean spirited predecessor. As a steward, Eliakim’s new position was one of responsibility toward those he would serve and as in Revelation 3, the key he wields enables an opening and closing.
Love does something! Reach out. Take time. Stop with the snarky thoughts and speech. Pray for those who spitefully use you. Be grateful. Quit trying to be the bride at every wedding and the cadaver at every funeral… Be humble. Do something. Philadelphia!

Toxicity levels will begin to drop. We are reassured that love covers all sins. God so loved the world removing the debt of sin if we choose to believe. Meanwhile, God counsels from Proverbs 10:12- “Hatred stirs up strife but love covers all sins.” Furthermore, Peter being moved by God’s Spirit advises, “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.” 1Pt4:8
It is not solely God doing something for us in that Jesus was given as vicarious atonement but He expects us to do something for others, by way of love.

So to conclude, the Key to Happiness is receiving God’s love by accepting His forgiveness by faith in Jesus; He died and rose from the grave. Joy tangibly fills the inner chambers of the soul as guilt of sin vacates. When Jesus opens, no one can shut and when He closes, no one can reopen. For happiness to remain, joy to be full, the forgiven must in turn forgive, let go, love. And, that is the long answer.

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The Greatest Depression, Pt 3 Dominion

It’s 9:55am and it seems the entire globe is in meltdown… the truth is that this has been the case since the nano second after the edenic fall.

Eden; noun

  1. the place where Adam and Eve lived before the Fall.
  2. any delightful region or abode; paradise.
  3. a state of perfect happiness or bliss.
  4. a town in North Carolina.

You may have heard it said that the moment Adam conceded to his wife’s persuasion to eat the forbidden, he lost dominion besides altering his relationship with his father… the Father. Perhaps, imagine… A wealthy loving dad handing the keys for his favorite car, a Porsche to his son and saying, “Take your date out for a spin and dinner but… under no circumstances open the trunk.”
“Thanks, Pops! What time should I be home?” the kid asks.
Dad says, “I trust you to be home at a decent hour. You kids enjoy yourselves because there is more where this came from.”
So, son takes his steady for a ride along Calif’s 101. They stop at wonderful terraced restaurant where over dessert he mentions his father’s somber warning about the trunk.
The gal shrugs and thinks little about his father’s words until, 45 minutes later when standing next to the fabulous Porsche while her boyfriend tips the valet, she hears a whiny melodious noise coming from the closed trunk of the car. Curious, she leans closer and a sing-song voice sounding both innocent and wise, begs to be let out of the trunk.
“If you let me out, you will surely see that your boyfriend’s Dad was saving the best of everything for himself and not for you as he implied,” coaxes the voice.
History reveals that with the assistance of the son she does let the trunk monkey out. The creature grabbed the keys and then, careened off with the car and ultimately with the boy’s entire inheritance.

So what is a person to do? Finding the battered Porsche and getting into the trunk, is not the answer… although many have gone this route. Solution for living while under a state of siege, (a spiritual siege of which the physical realm is the battleground) is found in the #2 position of the definition above but paradoxically, #2 can only be found by obtaining #3.

Innate in each of us is the urge, the pull to return to Eden… pigeonLike a Carrier pigeon, our original state is home. Where the first son failed to hang-on to the keys, the 2nd holds the master set. Our own dominion and happiness is intricately linked to the Creator’s game plan for restoring the edenic environment. Get aboard with His strategy, surrender to His leadership and the map home is not only doable but quite an adventure. If you’re not sure which way to go at the crossroads, take the Roman Road – Do a web search but it isn’t found in google maps, lol!

Life will get crazy and crazier but even so, in this atmosphere you must press toward Eden otherwise, you might settle for North Carolina.