Eleven, Hearing from God

11 11 11! Eleven and What it Means

Eleven  signifies transition.
What is it with the whole 11:11 thingy? Many have wondered and almost as many have shrugged, continuing to wonder. Including myself as I was not satisfied with vague reasonings or best guesses. IMHO, EW Bullinger misses the mark with his conclusion concerning eleven. I prayed about it off and on, not so much for myself but having had people ask – mostly rhetorically and also, having read about the phenomenon. I have a curious mind and this morning, the enigma popped into my thoughts as I sat down to read my Bible. My conclusions are Holy Ghost inspired… And important to myself as well.

Placed after the number ten of which it cannot be  argued, ten is God’s perfect number for relating the heavenly idea of completion to humanity, and placed before twelve we have the number, 11. Using scripture to understand both 10 and 12, we find twelve represents government. Jacob’s twelve sons evolve into the twelve tribes that make up Israel as an ethnic group and Jesus’ twelve disciples eventually manage the New Testament church at it’s birth. When the spiritual curtain is pulled back in John’s revelatory writing, The Revelation – we understand that not only on earth but in heaven these two groups of twelve govern(Whenever one reads ten in scripture, we get the understanding of completion; Ten Commandments represents all of the law; ten toes make up your feet; giving tithe is God’s entire portion of what one possesses – anything less than a tenth makes you a thief and anything more is considered your offering… And so on.)

If a personality, Eleven would glance back at number ten as a reference point and perhaps comment, “That is done and over.” Looking forward, with twelve as God’s numerical representation of “governing,” one can conclude that Eleven representing transition or transcension, would ask with anticipation, “Yes, that is done and over and so, what position do I qualify for?”

In scripture, the rule of first mention is useful: And he arose that night and took his two wives, his two female servants, and his eleven sons, and crossed over the ford of Jabbok. From Genesis 32:22, the number 11 is recorded concerning Jacob’s sons before the twelfth was born and also, emphasizing the crossing over. Surely, they crossed other streams before Jabbok? The other fording of streams and rivers is not mentioned; God has purpose for His wording.
Eleven is significant of change; a threshold. Even the phrase, ford of Jabbok gives this imagery as ford is translated from “a passageway or crossing” and Jabbok means, “emptying.”

Eleven is neutral. If ten represents earthly completion and twelve heavenly designation, eleven is the transition. One can sort through the baggage and empty oneself of unwanted stuff even like Jacob who wrestled with his identity along with the angel before he crossed. Arriving at the other side, you have what you have and you are what you are… “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” 11,11:11 (aka, 22:11 Revelation)

How does 11 affect the common person? In truth, if a person has never arrived at the number ten, earthly completion, the transitioning at 11 is a moot point. Earth is where we are born and reborn; if we do not have the first, we will not need the second! To understand the heavenly realm, God’s kingdom, the rebirth is a must and to be placed anywhere in the kingdom of God, rebirth is a necessity. Rebirth gives you citizenry in God’s Kingdom. Rebirth is Ten. To see, to understand the eternal realm, one must be born into that realm by the spirit. The caterpillar cannot see what it sees as a butterfly although as a butterfly, both realms are seen and hopefully, both are understood. The spiritual sensors are tuned to a different frequency when a human goes from mere humanity to being a new creature in Christ. If our rebellion and carnality dull God’s voice, He will awaken us with other methods… Thus, the number 11 becomes a marvel!
Cross-over you will. There may be many lifetime crossings that are significant but the big one is most important and cross-over you will.
God’s grace is experienced via the number 11. He is getting your attention!