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2017, A Fresh Start


Better is the end of a matter…
How do you know what will become of your project or prayer or endeavor at it’s inception? Like a small squirmy fetus resembling any other small squirmy fetus of a multitude, do not despise small beginnings. As counseled in the scriptures via Zachariah, ‘for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.’

The prospects! The opportunities! The challenges! The catalytic course of life! That transcendent spark giving cells the ability to duplicate and eventually, to form into a functioning organism will reveal what that specific small beginning is to become… A tadpole? A finch? A python or alligator? A giraffe? A whale? A human with the possibility of becoming a royal member of God’s eternal household? Every painted masterpiece traverses the gap of creative thought to actuality when that fimageirst stroke from the paintbrush touches the canvas. And such a small beginning, at that! Even an infant can dab color onto a virgin surface.
An accidental splotch does not a masterpiece make.

One year concludes and we can look into the rear mirror of our journey vehicle to say either Well done or Oh, what have I done?! Either way, as the annual sun sets, the future’s blank canvas arises with hopes of a new day arriving. Our palette holds the old stuff from which we must extract our masterpiece but also, colorful additions to bring eternal purpose to our endeavor. Will you be a child prodigy or an obsolescent genius? Perhaps, the New Year will allow you to discover your small beginning has already progressed into a delightfully eternal production which only needs you to be not weary in well doing.

Ecc 7:8
Heb 12:2
Gal 3:26
Gal 6:9 or 2Thes 3:13

Victorian postcard from flickr/nova scotia archives

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Success in the New Year

Prophecy should be like a road map. A living blueprint that helps us more clearly visualize God’s intended route to success. What inspiration and diversionary pitfalls will we encounter in the year ahead? How will we navigate these? And, most importantly, how should we draw from these encounters to map a fruitful tomorrow? Referencing the scripture and calibrating with the spirit’s inner compass keeps one on course; dodging impending obstacles as we proceed.
Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him. This elucidation is taken from Luke 8:17. Even so, one must remember that life is not a smorgasbord but a journey and to end well, one must not pick and choose as we proceed by our appetites. Rather, go forward by conceding to the Great God in Heaven. God already did the big thing… He sent Jesus as a vicarious atonement for our imperfection. What will He now withhold? Nada… Zip… El zero. He loves us more than anyone in the universe.
God has an exceptional appointment for those who do not exclude Him as foremost Counselor.
God’s path is not a triathlon. Press on. Do not be diverted by the clamoring from the sidelines. It’s a challenge to be sure but each course is tailored to the individual and He supplies the manual, equipment, Coach and prophetic counsel that is required for everyone to win… to wear a victor’s crown.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches…For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus. (Rev 2 & 3… and NTL 19:10)